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How Self Help Can’t Get Help

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   September 22, 2011   |   1 Comment

Self Help Can't Get HelpMost service providers and helping professionals, coaches, consultants, or change agents get into business by accident.

Here is how it often looks:

Sally is unhappy.
She wants to change her life.
She seeks support to change her life.
She gets it.
She likes it.
She wants to give back — wants to be a part of the same.
Uh oh — now I am in business.

And then what happens next becomes a series of decisions towards growing or dying. The self-help you received that got you moving, taking action, and being the person that wants to bring that to others becomes the monster under the bed.

You believe all you have learned, but in business you have to model it. You have to live it as a model or business is very lonely and a lonely business is a broke business.

Here are the four areas that I see self-help folks not helping themselves, and it is not only hurting their business it is killing an industry from its highest level of transformation:

Learn 4 Areas Where Self Help Folks Need Help

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