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You otta be in pictures!

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   July 10, 2014   |   1 Comment

Why Intsagram? You may ask yourself. It is simply one of the easiest social networks out there and rapidly growing with over 100 million users. With social media being one of the top ways to marketing, why not take advantage of every platform out there. With there being 75 million daily users, there are multiple opportunities to reach your target audience. Below I will talk about 5 marketing techniques to better your reach through Instagram.

Your username should be short, simple and easy to read. If your company is called “Harry Potter” don’t make your IG handle @harry_p0tt3r people will pay less attention to it, try the underscores @harry_potter or add a word @harrypotterofficial. Numbers and clusters of letters will confuse the user and might think your spam or a scam.

You will then want to make sure your niche will be able to create user generated content. That is one of the most important things for success on
One method is to take advantage of the hashtags and make it your own. It’s always good to create a hashtag for your company, so in the case of Harry Potter it would be #harry_potter and use it on all pictures no matter what!

Most accounts have the same bio format! -Who you are -Why you do it -How can the public get involved -Rewards and incentives -URL in website section
So for Harry Potter, a bio would look something like this… ” We are dedicated to showcase the best Books in the world, we are Harry Potter Tag your books #harrypotter to be featured on our page or visit us at harrypotter.c..”

4.Auto-liking/liking apps
Whether you’re with android or ios, there are apps which allow you to search a specific hashtag and like up to 350 pictures per hour. Apps like these are your secret ingredient to the recipe! If you run it for 10-15 minutes per hour, you can gain followers fast, but beware! You must use proper hashtags.

For example, if you run a women’s swim suit shopping site you will search hashtags like “#bikini #onepiece #coverups #boyshort #halter #tubetop #womensswimsuit”
If you run a fitness account ” #legday #proteinshake #biceptraining #kettlebell”

The goal is to find “underground” hashtags, tags that aren’t 1M+ tags. By doing this, you are targeting a smaller group of people that will pay more attention to the likes your giving to their profile.

5.Content Content Content!
In a really strong campaign, it is best if the page posts at least 5 times per day. Many people don’t have the time or drive to do so, there fore cut it down to post 3 times per day, in the morning, mid afternoon and at night (night post being the most important and popular). Don’t worry if you run out of personal content to post, you will then turn to your hashtag to find pictures.

The first thousand of followers are hard to find and obtain, after that, it’s smooth sailing and the more followers you get the more people will notice your company and join in on the fun!

Sarah Herbaugh, Marketing Manager

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Let Go

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   July 3, 2014   |   4 Comments

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but it bears repeating (and repeating) that we need to “let go of something of a lower nature to get something of a higher nature.” And though this makes sense on an intellectual level, it can be challenging to remember that in the moment of needing to let go.

For example perhaps you have a partnership, a relationship, a house, a client, a team member, a job, etc. that is no longer serving you. It is keeping you from growing, but it feels impossible to “let it go.”

What’s happening is our ego – the reptilian brain – can be so caught up in limited thinking and fear of change, that it won’t allow us even for a second to contemplate letting go of anything – until it can see, taste, touch, smell and hear, with absolute certainty, what the outcome will be and that it will be “safe” there.

This worked really great for us when we were living in caves. It truly kept us safe – it kept us alive and allowed humanity to evolve to the point it is today.

And it’s important to remember that the number one Universal Law is that Life is in a constant state of expansion. This Woman in golden wheatmeans if we are not expanding and growing, we ARE contracting and dying.

However, to our ego, the thought of expansion, growth and change equals danger and death. So this deeply embedded need to stay “safe and sound” can actually destroy our business (and our life).

You see, the ego wants to “hold on” to what it has, but as long as we are holding on we cannot open up to the greater experience which is trying to come into our business and our life.

Imagine you have a quarter in your hand. Now make a tight fist. Now imagine you are trying to receive a hundred dollar bill someone is trying to hand you – without opening up your fist. See, it’s really difficult, if not, impossible to receive it. Now imagine your hand opening up, letting go of the tension of your fist around the coin. Now you can easily receive the hundred-dollar bill.

It is when we have the courage to let go of the lesser – that which no longer serves us – that we can step into the greater and grow into our greatness.

Your homework…

Where in your life and business are you holding on to the lesser and not making room for the greater? Another way to ask this is what are you tolerating in your life?

Is it where you are living? Is it your office? Is it a client you need to release? Is it a business partner you need to move away from? Is it a relationship that no longer serves you? Is it a job you’re still in?

Begin to look at where you are “holding on” and holding yourself back. Begin today to create a plan to change, grow and expand and then begin taking action on that plan.

Remember, you need to let go of the lesser, so you receive the greater and live in the abundance and joy you deserve!

Brian Stark, Director of Strategic Development

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Rags to Runway

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   June 26, 2014   |   1 Comment

You may have heard that first impressions are everything. Well, it’s true. In my experience whether it has been job interviews, presentations or meeting a friend of a friend how you present yourself means everything. This can include anything from your personality to the way you are dressed. Many people get so caught up in their lives and business that they forget to take a few moments and think about themselves and their outward appearance that others see everyday or for the first time. If you own a business like Suzanne which includes tons of face to face interactions then you must be presentable for any of your clients- current or future – to take you seriously. There are a few key steps in which you can take to make your wardrobe look like a million bucks and hours of preparation (because no one has to know has easy it truly is, right?)

This first tip pertains to both men and women- sizing is everything. If you’re wearing a new suit and it’s not fitted correctly it will look terrible on. A well fitted item whether it be a suit jacket or skirt can lead someone to believe that you easily bought it at Neiman’s. There are even a lot of stores now that will do fittings complimentary with the purchase of an item (J. Crew and the department store Von Maur, for example) If you already have something in your closet that is drawing a big red flag as to whether it hangs right on you or not, just take it to a seam stress. For a couple of bucks you can turn that buisnessprofessionalgarbage bag into a piece of gold. With sizing for women’s clothing you should also find a cut that accentuatesthe waistline. If your wearing a button down, please make sure all the buttons close with no gaps in between your bust because no one wants to see that. Also, If your looking at yourself in the mirror and something seems too tight, it probably is.

Men have always had it easier than women as well in terms of professional clothes. Button down, trousers, tie and jacket. Women on the other hand we have too many decisions to make- what top, skirt, pants or dress? Guys could go down to the Goodwill and find clothes that they could easily wear out that wouldn’t be screaming “that’s so 2004.” I don’t know how

Confidently I could say that for the ladies, we actually have to keep up with these trends that are ever constantly changing. That’s why sale racks and eBay can be your best friend. The best time for sales are around the beginning of school (August/September), Christmas time, and spring break. Like the age old rule, black is slimming, but there are also other colors you should be looking out for. There are many guidelines on the internet that use your skin, hair and eye color to determine what you show wear and shouldn’t. Believe me you want to avoid the colors that make you look like a washed out corpse. Jewelry should be kept to a minimum so you don’t end up looking too gaudy, and same with makeup. No powder blue eyeshadow!

Looking like you stepped out of a photo shoot can be easily attained just by following these guidelines and by doing a little research on your own as well. If you feel good about the way you look on the outside it will influence the way you feel on the inside and everyone else around you. Good luck!

Paige Hyde, Executive Assistant 

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Where did you lose your creativity?

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   June 19, 2014   |   No Comments

We’ve all been there…that notorious, stubborn-as-hell CREATIVE BLOCK.  Whether it’s coming up with a new brand design, a new product for your business, or writing content for your event… not all of us are the Steve Jobs’ and Suzanne Evans’ of the world who have grandeur ideas coming out their ears… and constantly! It can be frustrating and challenging to always be “on” and continually have new and fresh ideas coming, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck.

Not to fear, Britni Bitch is here! And I have four awesome ways to bust down that creative block and get you back to flow with the creativity and ideas for your business and design.

Creative Block Buster #1: Question Everything.questions
What are you stuck on? Is it a new product you’re trying to get out the door? Or maybe a new branding for a service you’re offering? Whatever it is you have to ask all the questions around it. For example, say you’re creating a new product for your clients, ask yourself: Will this be a digital or physical product? How many nuggets of information do I want to include? Will I cover one specific subject or many? Write it all down. Doing this, no matter what it is you’re creating or designing, will really start to break down that wall and get you out of feeling stuck.

Creative Block Buster #2: Reverse Engineering
Sometimes it’s easier to start with the end product or idea and build out the “how do we do this” parts. We actually did this with Suzanne and Larry Winget’s event, Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Make Money! Suzanne had an awesome idea to “American Idolize” the registration process and we knew what they’d get at the end of the process but we weren’t quite sure how to do it. So, we thought about the end product and started putting the pieces together backwards. It really got us out of the box and helped the ideas flow.

Creative Block Buster #3: Take a Break and GET OUT
I know what you’re thinking…that seems counterproductive? Well it simply isn’t. Sometimes getting out of your “zone” really helps get the creativity and idea brainstorm flowing. Pick a place that you like and really enjoy visiting. It could be a park, or the mall, an art gallery, or even a friend’s house. Go there and then just hang out, take it in, get your mind of work a little, and start looking for things that really inspire you in that space. Trust me, something will watch your eye and Voila! You’ll have solved your creative problem and be back in business!

Creative Block Buster #4: Bounce.
Get out of your head and bounce. Bounce ideas off of someone, it could be a coworker, business partner, friend, or spouse…but whoever it is make sure they support you in your success and that they will be upfront and honest with you in giving feedback. This is a great way for someone to give you a different perspective if you’re stuck. You could be mulling an idea over and over in your mind and not moving forward and all you need it someone to say, “Well, what if you tried this?”

Happy Block Busting!

Britni Hanely (aka Britni Bitch)
Creative Director 


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Why this is easy for me…

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   June 5, 2014   |   8 Comments

I went from 45k a year to 6.5 million in 5 years.
I went from living in 320 square feet to building my dream house in 5 years.
I went from a part time VA to a staff of 15 in 5 years.
I went from working 80 hours a week to 35 in 5 years.
I have an amazing 19 year relationship.
My sister is my best friend.
I am able to help my family with anything they need.
I own 5 homes…would like to only own 3.  LOL
I have thousands of clients that I love working with
I kayak and play on my sea doo on the weekends.
I travel 2-3 times a year for 1-2 weeks all over the world.
I give back.

But most importantly… I am so happy.  It’s easy for me.PR_Photo3

Now, the other list:

I have failed in parts of my business
I have had 3 family members die in 3 years
My Mom had a stroke
Team members left me
Clients have blamed me
I have been called really terrible names
I have deeply wanted some things it is impossible for me to have
I have had cash flow ups and downs
I have gotten stuck working too much

But most importantly…I am so happy.  It’s easy for me.

It has been hard work, but it has never been hard.  I don’t go on any head trips about who I am or what any of the good or bad means.  This is life.  And here are three simple things to do- don’t think- just do.

1) Learn to communicate.  I think a lot of the world remains confused that disagreement is disapproval.  The biggest mistake I see people make is that they don’t communicate what they want, need, or know.  My life has been easy because I speak my truth all the time.  And I am ok with how others take that or don’t take it.  I get to put my head on the pillow at night feeling fully expressed.

2) Learn to get over yourself.  This doesn’t have to be hard.  You don’t have to constantly be in a state of transformation.  Sometimes you can show up, do the work, and get a result.  I saw this quote today and loved it!

“I don’t work with inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs.  I just get to work. “- Chuck Close

3) Realize YOU decide if it’s easy or hard.  When I hear people say there is a simple way to play and do less and make more.  Not really.  It’s a lie.  You never get more by doing less.  You only get more by doing more, but… you decide how it feels, how you do it, and WHY.

This is always been easy for me and NOT because I haven’t been knocked down over and over.  I just don’t let any of it go to my head- I get how this all works.

Suzanne Evans

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