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Being Changed

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   June 25, 2015   |   No Comments

My first day at Suzanne Evans Coaching was day 1 of the Be The Change Event in Orlando, Florida. Talk about a baptism by fire! The energy and enthusiasm was pervasive and contagious. The sessions were fantastic, the breakout sessions were illuminating, the Run, Walk, Cheer event was inspiring. But did I come away changed?

The critical thing about this event, is spelled out in the name – BE THE CHANGE. It’s very easy to go to an event and fully expect to be radically transformed, but change doesn’t work that way. There is a moment in time when change is affected in a person’s life; that moment of inspiration, of frustration or even hitting rock bottom. But that has to be just the beginning. Real change (for most) doesn’t just happen in an instant. Excellence, as they say, is a habit. A series of decisions, which over time, develop into a habit. Being the change is more than a slogan or a slick title. It’s something far more profound.bethechangeevent2015

So how effective is the event? I have seen first hand people whose lives and businesses have been transformed. They aren’t doing what they’ve always done. They’ve honed in on their “why” and are using this new focus to improve their personal and professional lives. For some of you this is old hat. You’ve been to the event and you’ve seen and experienced the change. For me, being new to the event and new to the company, it was eye-opening and inspiring (in equal measure). Part of what is fascinating is to see veterans of the 10k Club and Be the Change Event providing leadership and inspiration to newer folks. Individuals who were struggling last year, are now providing mentoring and leadership. As Brian Stark, Vice President of Coaching, says, “To every 3rd grader, a 4th grader is a hero.” You don’t have to be very high in your climb up the ladder of success to realize that there are people following in your shadow.

Take Aways

Aside from the obvious, gosh this is a high-energy group of folks, there were a few key takeaways that I gleaned from the event:

  • Don’t let fear (alone) dictate your actions – Fear can motivate, or it can debilitate. You’ve got to get past your fears: Fear of failure. Fear of not being liked. Fear of the what ifs.
  • Indecision is decision – By putting off making a decision you’re not delaying the inevitable, you’re eliminating the possible. Opportunity can be a very perishable. Competitors can seize the very opportunity you’re considering. Market conditions can rapidly change leaving you with nothing.
  • Believe you’re worthy of success – what you have to offer is worth something. You’re worthy of  being paid for your time and effort. You’re worthy of being successful, so act like it.
  • Being hated isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you – What’s worse than being hated? Being ignored. Being irrelevant. As Winston Churchill famously said, “ You have enemies? Good! That means you’ve stood for something.” Nothing breeds contempt like a little success.

What were your takeaways? I’d love to hear away your thoughts and the valuable lessons you gained from this year’s Be the Change Event.

Frank Geric, Director of Digital Marketing

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My Experience With Customer Service

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   June 18, 2015   |   1 Comment

The phrase customer experience is what everyone is talking about these days. It’s all about how the company interacted with the customer, whether it be online or offline.

While on my way to see my brother and his family a few months ago, my car broke down on the side of I-95 in the middle of the night. We were stranded without out AAA or any kind of roadside assistance. At this point I was a wreck. Then my partner had the grand idea to call AAA and see if we could get same day service if we signed up with them, and sure enough, they allowed us to sign up right then and get a tow truck out to us. A few hours later we were picked up, the car was taken to the service center and we were taken to the nearest hotel. Then we hit a snag, the tow truck driver only took cash and we didn’t have any on us, he then went on to say that he would drive us to the nearest ATM at no extra cost. He was our hero that night! Going forward to the next day, we received a call from the service center saying that since my car was under warranty and there was a Hyundai dealership right beside them they would drive the car over there and not charge us for the work they did to figure out what happened. Another stand up person! Within 30 minutes of us getting to the dealership they called Enterprise and had us in a rental car.

However with all of the great customer service that we received, I did have to help push the process. What I didn’t explain in the previous paragraph is that we waited 2 hours before leaving our hotel and walking in the rain to the dealership to find out what was going on with my car. The car was at the dealership, but we received no notification.

So why am I explaining all of this to you? To show you that even with great customer service the customer still has to take action to get the results they want. So think back to whenever you’ve had good customer service with out taking action yourself and comment on when and with who this has happened.

Sarah Herbaugh, Marketing Manager 

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Lessons Learned from Suzanne Evans!

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   June 11, 2015   |   3 Comments

Have you ever attended a conference, heard some brilliant statements and neglected to write them down – let alone actually GET the lesson? I see that happen all the time to many entrepreneurs. It all comes down to goals, intentions and habits. My specialty!

When I attended Suzanne’s 6th annual ‘Be the Change’ event in Orlando last week, I made note of many of her one line statements that are not only inspirational but can easily be turned into action steps.  Time is precious. I value it. I value wisdom, too.

The intention with this article is to share some of the great one-liners and give my take on them when it comes to growing your business, growing YOU and creating your best life.  I like to keep things simple so that’s exactly what you can expect.

Rather than getting your pen and notebook out, just print off this article and keep it handy. You can create your own goals and move them right on into your calendar – and then let me know how you are doing and what support I can offer you.


People often ask why I attend these types of conferences and events. The answer is simple – it is to fill ME up! Many of YOU are running on empty. As a business coach and speaker, I am always giving, giving, and giving some more. My fountain needs to be filled up too – it makes me a better business person and a stronger individual. I know that one of the major excuses that I hear is ‘I can’t afford it’ – well, quite honestly, you can’t afford NOT to be attending events like this.

Action Step: start your own search for events that you should be attending for personal and professional development. Get registered and mark them on your calendar. I attend 3 Christian-based conferences a year (Leadercast, the Global Leadership Summit, and Women of Faith) – and 3 professional conferences (Be the Change, Wealth Makers Toronto…..of course! …..and research a new one each year).


Love this one! Again, it goes back to your self-talk, your beliefs about what is possible for you and for your business and your habits – and I find that excuses are simply a bad habit (and one that many of you have mastered!). There is so much information available these days that it is impossible, really, to stay stuck in your circumstances. That’s a decision you are making. Get unstuck. Make a decision to live your best day – leading to living your best life. Your circumstances can be changed and often it just takes one first step – ASK for help.

Action Step: Take a look at your current circumstances and make a list of what’s holding you back from reaching your goals, your dreams. What items on that list are within your control and which ones are not. Work with the list that you control and, where necessary, ask for help to make some changes. Get out of your own way.


AfricaOh, ouch! How is this one hitting you? Many entrepreneurs spend their time wishing and hoping that things will change. Nothing changes until you make a decision – and then, again, nothing changes until you take action on that decision. (That’s why I am adding ACTION STEPS in here, LOL!) Indecision IS a form of self-abuse. We have all the opportunities in the world available to us. At Suzanne’s event last week, Sindi travelled over 8,800 miles to come from Zimbabwe. It was his first time on an airplane! Can you imagine? It was his first time at such an event. I met him on my 2 trips to Africa where we mentor the women entrepreneurs from the market and teach them marketing and sales skills. Suzanne hosted a fund-raising walk/run for these women and $60,000 was generated – WOW. (Actually, it was $30,000 and Suzanne generously matched the donation.) But that’s only part of the story.

Sindi was sitting in every sessions at this event – taking notes like crazy. When Suzanne presented the opportunity for members in the audience to join her coaching program, Sindi was up at the microphone in a flash. He couldn’t hold back. Coming from South Africa and living a very meagre life, he KNEW an opportunity when he heard one. He joined the coaching program! He has NO idea how he will make this happen – but he recognized that it all begins with a decision – and then action. He practically ran to the microphone with his questions – and then his decision.

say YesInspiring?! Holy cow – you have NO idea!

Action Step: Get serious about your business and life goals. What DO you want to have happen? This is not a dress rehearsal. Where are you letting excuses get in your way? Commit to one thing you can do TODAY to move forward and create the business and the life that you really want to live? (print Sindi’s photo and keep it in front of your face for when you are feeling fear or weakness)


That’s food for thought, isn’t it? This one really caught my attention. It really had me thinking. Where can I improve on some of the goals I have and the results I am creating. We all want results. They don’t happen overnight but they certainly can happen strategically – with great results. That’s one of the reasons I have 2 coaches – one for my business and one for my professional speaking. Where are you working hard? In isolation? Feeling frustrated with where you’re at?

Action Step: GET.A.COACH! No one can do this alone. No one. Contact me today and let’s discuss how I can support you – or refer you. If you are exhausted from working hard with no results, then something must change – you must make a decision and take different action.

There is NO magic in any of these statements. NONE! The magic is in YOU.

What one-liner really resonated with you?

Please share your thoughts!


Written by Pat Mussieux 

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A message to the haters….

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   May 21, 2015   |   8 Comments
You can not be a success and be a secret.

You simply can’t.

And if you agree with this or know this to be true then things get tricky!

It means you have to be visible.  Which translates to you being a target.

Ever played paint ball?  Or Dodge ball?

I have to admit, in both games, sometimes it feels easier to hide and dodge the bullet.

But life doesn’t grow that way and businesses don’t succeed that way.

My great friend, Larry Winget, tells an awesome story about early on in his speaking career a mentor took him aside and said look at this.  See these 2,000 people standing for you and clapping?  See how excited they are?

Remember there will be one jerk in the third row with his arms folded.  2,000 love you and one will not.  Try as you may to see those 2,000 people, you are going to end up seeing that asshole on the third row.  Just know that and then get over it.HY-Image

We do that as humans.  100 thanks you’s is wiped out by one complaint.

50 good reviews are squashed by 2 bad reviews.

If you plan to be visible you will be a target.  Here are my rules to get through it:

1) Realize the REWARD.  It can hurt in the moment… that nasty email, comment about you, put down, or jab, but look at the lives you touch.  The people you help.  The difference you make.  To help many you must piss off a few.

2) The Pillow Test.  When I lay my head on my pillow at night I ask myself three questions.

Are you proud of what you did?

Did you do enough?

Did you make a difference?

If you can answer yes to those then the rest doesn’t matter.

3) People will forgive you for everything except being successful.  It’s a fact my Dad told me when I was 17 years old and he is right.  Everyone is trying to find their rainbow.  Everyone is seeking their success and while not malicious it is hard for people to not do what it takes to get what they want and watch you get it.  Just know this is a fact- it makes it all easier.

4) Pain is Real.  So is Drive.  I am much more driven by what I want than what someone else wants.  I have a dream.  I have a vision.  I have a plan.  I take a little pain.  I can take a hit.  I am driven to get what I want because if I get what I want I know you can get what you want.

5) I say this to myself – a lot!

Dear Haters,


I have so much more for you to be mad at.

Just be patient.  I’m not done.



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Treating your business like a business or a hobby?

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   May 14, 2015   |   1 Comment

When I worked in the banking world (seems like a lifetime ago!) everything was pretty much decided for me. I had a boss who told me when to come in, how long I needed to be there, what to do when I was there, what my deadlines and goals were and overall what was expected of me. I also had colleagues who not only had certain expectations of me, but who also supported me and had my back. There was a team of support all around me and every supply I could ever want was normally always at hand.

Once Brian and I started our own business, we were our own bosses!

Ahhhh….FREEDOM! We got to make your own schedule, do things during the day we couldn’t when we worked for someone else, no one telling us what to do, how much to do and when to do it. We were the “master of our fate”.


That was great for a little while, but soon we realized we REALLY are the masters of our own fate. We were all set to do our “purposeful work”, our passion – but who was going to do all that other stuff that I was used to having departments of people to do for me?

Who was going to do the marketing, the sales, the printing, the scheduling, the website, the event planning? Who was going to keep us accountable, create the deadlines and challenge us to grow and expand and stretch?

That’s when we recognized that we had a little too much “freedom” and not a lot of structure and we needed to make a big shift into an “Entrepreneur Mindset”. We
realized if we didn’t create our own support and accountability, our business wasn’t going to be around for very long and I would be heading straight back to the bank… to work… not to deposit lots of money! :)

Shifting into the Entrepreneurial Mindset can make a huge difference in your business and create the groundwork for a solid, profitable foundation.

So here are some ways that you can start moving into this new way of thinking for yourself and make sure you are creating an environment you and your business can thrive in.

1 – Give Yourself a Schedule – Get a calendar and map out your business hours. Not only that, but get specific – when will you work with clients, when will you network, when will you work on marketing, track your finances, reach out to prospects and do your follow-up?

These hours can still be the hours you want to work, but you do need to schedule them and be very clear about your boundaries around them.

2 – Find the Right Administrative & Technical Support – Once you start mapping out your calendar, you will probably start seeing that you don’t really have time to do ALL of these things, nor will you want to! We all need to be joyfully working in our own brilliance! Start looking at these tasks and figuring out which ones you really have to do yourself and which ones you can start getting support around.

Find someone (or several people) who know what they are doing and are able to take the work load off your plate (remember it’s about making it easier for you , not more difficult). Then schedule the time on your calendar to find your new Virtual Assistant or other support.

3 – Find the Right Mentorship – As much as you need support in the more administrative and technical areas, finding someone to help you with building your business and supporting your mindset is absolutely crucial! We are all too close to our own businesses to truly see what the next right steps are (or even where to start), to be accountable for those steps and to stretch ourselves into our own greatness.

The right mentor will support you not only in the structure, strategies and processes, but also help you keep a positive perspective, to have faith in yourself and stay on t rack with your goals and intentions for your business and your life. It’s also important that your mentor is farther down the path (that you want to travel) so they can show you the way toward your success.


Paige Stapleton, Lead Coach and Director of Client Development


Call to Action


Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? I invite you to check in and make sure you are creating a business environment that sets you up for success. Look over these three areas and make sure you are giving yourself and your business the kind of support you need – by stepping into the Entrepreneurial Mindset!


For, as Henley says in his stunning poem “Invictus”, you truly are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul!

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