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A message to the haters….

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   May 21, 2015   |   No Comments
You can not be a success and be a secret.

You simply can’t.

And if you agree with this or know this to be true then things get tricky!

It means you have to be visible.  Which translates to you being a target.

Ever played paint ball?  Or Dodge ball?

I have to admit, in both games, sometimes it feels easier to hide and dodge the bullet.

But life doesn’t grow that way and businesses don’t succeed that way.

My great friend, Larry Winget, tells an awesome story about early on in his speaking career a mentor took him aside and said look at this.  See these 2,000 people standing for you and clapping?  See how excited they are?

Remember there will be one jerk in the third row with his arms folded.  2,000 love you and one will not.  Try as you may to see those 2,000 people, you are going to end up seeing that asshole on the third row.  Just know that and then get over it.HY-Image

We do that as humans.  100 thanks you’s is wiped out by one complaint.

50 good reviews are squashed by 2 bad reviews.

If you plan to be visible you will be a target.  Here are my rules to get through it:

1) Realize the REWARD.  It can hurt in the moment… that nasty email, comment about you, put down, or jab, but look at the lives you touch.  The people you help.  The difference you make.  To help many you must piss off a few.

2) The Pillow Test.  When I lay my head on my pillow at night I ask myself three questions.

Are you proud of what you did?

Did you do enough?

Did you make a difference?

If you can answer yes to those then the rest doesn’t matter.

3) People will forgive you for everything except being successful.  It’s a fact my Dad told me when I was 17 years old and he is right.  Everyone is trying to find their rainbow.  Everyone is seeking their success and while not malicious it is hard for people to not do what it takes to get what they want and watch you get it.  Just know this is a fact- it makes it all easier.

4) Pain is Real.  So is Drive.  I am much more driven by what I want than what someone else wants.  I have a dream.  I have a vision.  I have a plan.  I take a little pain.  I can take a hit.  I am driven to get what I want because if I get what I want I know you can get what you want.

5) I say this to myself – a lot!

Dear Haters,

I have so much more for you to be mad at.

Just be patient.  I’m not done.


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Treating your business like a business or a hobby?

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   May 14, 2015   |   No Comments

When I worked in the banking world (seems like a lifetime ago!) everything was pretty much decided for me. I had a boss who told me when to come in, how long I needed to be there, what to do when I was there, what my deadlines and goals were and overall what was expected of me. I also had colleagues who not only had certain expectations of me, but who also supported me and had my back. There was a team of support all around me and every supply I could ever want was normally always at hand.

Once Brian and I started our own business, we were our own bosses!

Ahhhh….FREEDOM! We got to make your own schedule, do things during the day we couldn’t when we worked for someone else, no one telling us what to do, how much to do and when to do it. We were the “master of our fate”.


That was great for a little while, but soon we realized we REALLY are the masters of our own fate. We were all set to do our “purposeful work”, our passion – but who was going to do all that other stuff that I was used to having departments of people to do for me?

Who was going to do the marketing, the sales, the printing, the scheduling, the website, the event planning? Who was going to keep us accountable, create the deadlines and challenge us to grow and expand and stretch?

That’s when we recognized that we had a little too much “freedom” and not a lot of structure and we needed to make a big shift into an “Entrepreneur Mindset”. We
realized if we didn’t create our own support and accountability, our business wasn’t going to be around for very long and I would be heading straight back to the bank… to work… not to deposit lots of money! :)

Shifting into the Entrepreneurial Mindset can make a huge difference in your business and create the groundwork for a solid, profitable foundation.

So here are some ways that you can start moving into this new way of thinking for yourself and make sure you are creating an environment you and your business can thrive in.

1 – Give Yourself a Schedule – Get a calendar and map out your business hours. Not only that, but get specific – when will you work with clients, when will you network, when will you work on marketing, track your finances, reach out to prospects and do your follow-up?

These hours can still be the hours you want to work, but you do need to schedule them and be very clear about your boundaries around them.

2 – Find the Right Administrative & Technical Support – Once you start mapping out your calendar, you will probably start seeing that you don’t really have time to do ALL of these things, nor will you want to! We all need to be joyfully working in our own brilliance! Start looking at these tasks and figuring out which ones you really have to do yourself and which ones you can start getting support around.

Find someone (or several people) who know what they are doing and are able to take the work load off your plate (remember it’s about making it easier for you , not more difficult). Then schedule the time on your calendar to find your new Virtual Assistant or other support.

3 – Find the Right Mentorship – As much as you need support in the more administrative and technical areas, finding someone to help you with building your business and supporting your mindset is absolutely crucial! We are all too close to our own businesses to truly see what the next right steps are (or even where to start), to be accountable for those steps and to stretch ourselves into our own greatness.

The right mentor will support you not only in the structure, strategies and processes, but also help you keep a positive perspective, to have faith in yourself and stay on t rack with your goals and intentions for your business and your life. It’s also important that your mentor is farther down the path (that you want to travel) so they can show you the way toward your success.


Paige Stapleton, Lead Coach and Director of Client Development


Call to Action


Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? I invite you to check in and make sure you are creating a business environment that sets you up for success. Look over these three areas and make sure you are giving yourself and your business the kind of support you need – by stepping into the Entrepreneurial Mindset!


For, as Henley says in his stunning poem “Invictus”, you truly are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul!

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How to cope with pain

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   April 30, 2015   |   No Comments

In my business, my life, and my relationships there is a truth I really dislike.

Pain is inevitable.

It feels like it takes forever. It feels the pain will never end.

Your rational brain tells you that whatever is wrong will be ok. Whatever is happening will eventually be over.

Your emotional brain tells you this will always be hard. Always hurt. Always be wrong.

So whether it is a business bust or a relationship gone strained… an employee leaves… a long term client storms away… a person you love hurts you… you make a big mistake… everything stops working… someone leaves… you fail….. it fails… cash is strapped… you get sick… your feelings get hurt… all you hear are no’s… you just can’t get it right.

You know what I mean – That 3am wake-you-up worry on your mind.

I’ve learned that is hurts so bad in the moment. It’s so embarrassing to lose the client. It hurts to fight with the colleague or friend. It’s devastating to throw the event and no one shows up.

Here’s 5 steps to dealing with pain in business and life:HY-Image

1) Know that pain will not kill you. It actually informs you, educates you, and prepares you. Think about it. Without the pain you wouldn’t notice what is wonderful all around you. No one can really taste joy without experiencing deep pain. To be stuffed with sunshine you must first be split open.

2) This too shall pass. I live by the ocean mainly because the amazing draw of the tides keeps me honest. What goes out comes in. The tides rise and they fall and in that I am reminded that I too rise and sink. Nothing lasts forever. The cash out will become cash back in. The hurt will become a story. The scab will become a scar to simply remind you that you went through that. It is always with you, but no longer raw.

3) You need both. In business and life you need the wins and the losses. You need the hard and the easy. Life and business requires a balance and that balance comes through a deep well of experiences. Be ready for the painful side of business. It’s really a blessing. It’s a teacher. It guides you on your weak spots and encourages you to strengthen them.

4) Share. My failures and hardships are much more interesting than what I did right. What works is simple. People see the success and they see the rewards. The pain and the mess ups get hidden because we want to protect ourselves from looking foolish. It’s ok. Know that the world truly loves vulnerable people. And the world loves to help someone back up when they are down. And customers and clients wants to connect to a human experience.

5) Confidence comes through despair. Every time we go through something hard in our business or our life we get a little more self confidence. Every time we end up on the other side of a hard time or a failure we realize we are stronger than we thought. We are wiser than we thought. We are more generous and strategic and sharp and experienced than we thought. It’s a little jewel to add to the crown. It’s a little badge to add to the sash that says, “Look at what I have overcome. I am a bad ass!”

** BONUS TIP: Pain is fear. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Resist your fear; fear will never lead to you a positive end. Go for your faith and what you believe.
T. D. Jakes

I have been a failure.
I have been embarrassed.
I have been hurt.
I have been worried.
I have been afraid.
I have been wrong.
I have been sad.
I have been a bust.

It has been painful….

And I’m here and the better for it. You will be too.


Suzanne Evans, Chief Movement Maker

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Why I’m Fat

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   April 23, 2015   |   No Comments
Scientifically I am fat because I eat more calories than I burn.

Emotionally I am fat because I tend to use food to celebrate, mourn, and meditate.

Spiritually I am fat because I am certain I have some past life wound to heal (please don’t email me and tell me what you think it is)

All of the above are true.

I am not fat because….

I don’t understand nutrition.

I don’t understand the basics of losing weight and being healthy.

I am not fat because I eat junk or lay in the bed all day playing video games.

All of this is true and yet none of it matters.

The real reason I am fat is because it hasn’t been a priority to not be fat.  It simply didn’t matter to me.  I am healthy (by the blood work and doc…and yes I get it catches up with you – no emails on that either).  I haven’t had a huge motivation to be thin.  I like myself.  I have a great business and a great life.

Being fat has just been whatever for me.  I wouldn’t mind being thin but I didn’t want to work for it.  Why?  Not because I’m lazy, but because it didn’t hold importance for me.


And it’s the same reason your business is struggling… it’s not a priority to you.  You haven’t made the decision to have your business work.

You would really LOVE:


But other stuff is more important.  All kinds of other stuff. The desire is there, but no decision.  And so your results will look just like me:

You’ll be something you don’t really want to be but you have learned to live with because it’s “fine”.  It’s ok.  It’s enough.  You can’t have everything.

Well I know better and so do you.
Fine is second place.
“OK” is mediocre
And you can have everything you are willing to DECIDE to have it.
So, I decided to do things different.  And it’s been an enormous amount of pressure because I have a public life.  People follow me on facebook, online, and in my town.  But when I DECIDE- I DECIDE.  I started getting healthy.  I made every decision needed to live a healthier liFe and guess what?
I am LESS fat and more healthy now.
1) I got coaching
2) I went to events about the topic
3) I made a plan
4) I followed the plan
5) I decided everyday to be consistent.
You haven’t made the decisions you need to make in your business.  Sorry.  It’s just the flat out truth.  And until you do- you will be exactly who you are and what you are today.  Never better…only slipping further down.  A mentor years ago taught me we are either growing or dying in business.  And right now you are doing the latter if you are not deciding everyday to do the four things above.
We want to see you to Be the Change. What else can I say to make you care as much as I do? You don’t have to do this alone… Buy a ticket today and decide to get everything you want!

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What Fishing Has to do With Sales

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   April 9, 2015   |   No Comments

Each time the Catherine II comes to port in season with a load of fresh halibut, her fishermen call all their established clients, letting them know that it’s time to go down to the dock again and buy fish. The captain of the Catherine II knows a lot about fishing but he also knows a lot about sales.

Increasing sales in an existing market is one of the easiest ways to grow your business. You already have a head start with this growth strategy and once your business is established, it has regular clients, and, like all businesses, you have collected all kinds of information about them. The key to successfully increasing your sales in an existing market is to know your clients and their buying history.

iStock_000016323356_LargeThe goal, of course, is to get your existing clients to buy more. The data about what your clients buy, when and how often will help you make savvy decisions about marketing. Offer an early bird discount. Or use your hot sellers to move other items that might not be doing as well. When they buy the hot item, give them the opportunity to buy another related item at a reduced price or offer it as a bonus.

Looking for a shortcut for implementing this growth strategy? Institute a reward program. Such a program doesn’t need to be complicated. We offer 10K Cash Cards for anyone in the 10K Club for example. Attend a live intensive? $500 cash card! Have a $10K month? Another cash card! They use these to purchase future services with us.

Buying 90 day programs versus trading time for dollars (like charging $125/hour), purchase incentives, and a reward programs are all examples of business growth strategies for increasing sales in existing markets based on the general buying histories of your clients. Business growth strategies based on individual client buying histories can be even more powerful. An individual client’s buying history gives you insight into her preferences and attitudes and allows you to customize your sales and marketing efforts.

Think again about the example of the Catherine II. Because the clients have a history of buying halibut, it’s a safe bet they are going to be interested in buying more. But it’s also a fairly safe bet that they 1) would be very interested in buying other types of fresh seafood and 2) they are the sort of people who prefer to buy seafood as fresh as possible (off the dock). The captain of the Catherine II would find it incredibly easy to sell us other seafood products off his boat and here is the best thing — they would be more likely to buy that seafood from him rather than any of the other boats because he has bothered to customize his sales efforts.

You see, if done right, sales and marketing efforts build client loyalty, which helps you increase sales!

Cathi Harley, Director of Coaching

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