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People love a system, make sure you have one!

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   February 18, 2016   |   No Comments

People love the idea that you have a step-by-step way to get them from where they are to where they want to be.  They may not need to take every step, but just hearing that you have a system, reassures them that you are not flying by the seat of your pants.

When you create your signature system, think about all the different things you do with your clients. Now try to break these down into steps.

One of the ways we like to have our clients think about this is to have them imagine that you have 10 people working with you in a weekly workshop.

All 10 of these people are at different places and phases of their transformation.  Some are beginners and some have been doing this for a while.  What are the steps you would take them through as a group.

The first week needs to be very foundational, so you can really support the beginners.  You stepbystepwant to start at the beginning and set a foundation.

Then you want to move on to the next week. Now ask yourself, what could you add to the next week that would give someone enough information to take the next step?

Then over the course of a 10-step system (for example), think about the next thing and the next thing you would do with your clients.

Start to think about the system you would take people through.  All building on itself and getting to a place of completion from A to B to C to D, etc.

This is where you need to be careful… When you have so many things that you can support people around, you really have to get clear about what the core is (What’s critical to your work? What makes your work unique and stand out?).

You can add and move things around at will, but it is really important for you to have a good, strong feeling about what the core is of what you offer.

This process helps you be clear about what you do and how you help people. 

The next step is to name it. Ask yourself what is the “core benefit”? What is the major outcome for your client? How many steps are in it? How is it unique?

Here at SEC, our system is called “Hell Yeah Marketing System– The Ultimate Business Building Toolkit”.

When you have your signature system in place, you can speak about what you do from that ever-important benefits and results place because you are so clear about what the core is of what you do and the results you can help people get.

A great way to get started is to take a stack of Post-It notes and start laying out your proprietary signature system.

What are the elements of how you help people? Get them all out in front of you before you start trying to organize them. This is a fabulous brain dump exercise that can help you see the breadth of your process and what you have to offer.

Then it’s time to organize. This is what I love about doing it with post-it notes on a wall verses a big list on paper. You can rearrange your notes and start putting them in a step-by-step process.

So, what is the first step your clients need to make sure to have in place? Then what’s the next? Lay it out. How many steps would you take them through? Play with the order. Remember, you always want to connect back to the core of the results you help them get and the steps to get them there.

Having a signature system is one of those things that will help you stand out from others in your field. It can help you to have more confidence when you are talking about how you can help people. It can also help others understand better how you can help them.

And make sure you remember, this is your process. When talking with potential clients, there is no need to discuss the details of the steps, just the fact that you have a system, the results they can get by going through the system and that it works!


Paige Stapleton, Vice-President

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Being Your Best, The Fastest Way to Success

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   January 28, 2016   |   No Comments

Is there something in your business or life that you would like to change or improve – a relationship, a situation or even a daily task that drives you nuts?

If there is some part of your business or life that isn’t working as well as you would like, you can live in resentment, accept it gracefully or change it. It is, of course, your choice. (Even when you choose to do “nothing”, you are making a choice.)

If you choose to live in resentment of the situation, you are not expressing yourself to the fullest. You’re not going to be as happy and peaceful as you would like to be, and you may even find yourself in pain or poor health – depending on how difficult the situation is for you.

The key to dealing with any situation that may not be ideal for you is to take a deeper look and explore whether you are really showing up as “100% you” in that situation – being and doing the very best that you can, right where you are.

Whether you’ve got a project you’re less than thrilled about, or you have a mundane task to do, it is essential to give the very best you have in that moment.

As Wallace Wattles reminds us, in order to evolve out of our current situation, we need to become more than our current situation. This means doing our best, in every moment, in every thing we do.

PositiveNegativeHere are a few suggestions to help you:

Find the good: Search the situation or experience for the benefits you receive from it. Look at it from a “higher” view. What are you learning? How are you growing?

Let go of the negative “story” around it: Stop playing the negative story that you have created around the situation through your mind. No matter how good it sounds or how much “support” you get (which is really support in keeping you small), stop recanting this negative story to friends, relatives, co-workers, acquaintances or strangers. The more you confirm how unhappy or frustrated you are, the more you bring those feelings and experiences into your life and into the situation.

Do your absolute best!: Bring the same enthusiasm and attitude into this experience that you would to situations you are delighted with. When you offer up your very best intentions, your very best work and your deepest compassion and patience, you raise your own energy vibration and those around you.

As you adjust your attitudes about whatever circumstances you are concerned about, you gain more clarity about what is actually going on, and you can make your decisions from a more authentic place. You may find that with just a few small adjustments, you are actually quite pleased with the situation.

Or, you may discover that a change is necessary. As you continue offering the very best of yourself, the Universe can’t help but support you in moving to a more joyful, peaceful and loving place.


Call to Action

I invite you to choose a situation in your business where you would like to make a change or see some improvement.

Explore the best qualities of the situation. Do your best to refrain from complaining to others (or yourself about it). And approach the situation with as much enthusiasm, compassion and patience as you can muster.

Remember to bring the very best of you to the experience!


Paige Stapleton, VP and Lead Coach 

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Is this killing your sales?

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   January 14, 2016   |   No Comments

What happens for you when you’re thinking about reaching out to potential clients? I imagine that more often than not it may go something like this…

You look at your list of people to reach out to and as you go down you do your critique:

“Mary – yes she really needs my help and I know I can really help her change her life, but she just doesn’t have any money and she can’t really afford to pay me.” Next!

“Joe – I just called him last week and he never got back to me. He must not want to work with me. I don’t want to bug him again.” Next!

“Janice – she said she was really interested and I gave her my card, but I haven’t heard from her yet and it has been almost two weeks.” Next!

Before you know it, you’ve gone through your entire list and haven’t reached out to help even one person. The downward spiral begins and you keep wondering why you don’t have enough clients and can’t pay your bills or do the things you truly want to do.

When in reality, here is what is really happening for Mary, Joe and Janice…

Mary is in so much pain and frustration, she doesn’t even know where to begin or who to ask for help.

Thank goodness Marcia, who offers a similar service to you, reached out to her this afternoon and Mary realized it was time to stop struggling and get the help she needed. Mary made the financial investment in herself and has her first appointment scheduled with Marcia, so she can finally move forward with her life.

Joe has been trying to get his daughter off to college out of state, is struggling with some personal and business issues and can’t seem to get to all the messages he needs to return.

Thank goodness Jackie, who offers a similar service to you, was willing to call him back again and finally connect with him today. He can’t wait to start working with her and really appreciates her perseverance in trying to help him. He even paid her in full for 6-months of support.

Janice just can’t seem to get organized with all the business cards she has been collecting lately because of all the networking she has been doing. She knows there is a card somewhere (YOURS!) for that person who she wants to hire, but she can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Thank goodness Tom, who she met last week, sent her an email today and reminded her that he does a similar service to yours. She really appreciated his initiative, even though she said she would call him. She is so excited to start working with him at the end of the week.

Scenarios like these are happening every day. And the biggest culprit is that we make false decisions and determinations without ever speaking with people and finding out what is going on for them.

False Decision: You decide they can’t afford to work with you.

Truth: People spend money on what they truly want! It’s up to you to show the value of your service and allow your potential client to make the decision.

False Decision: You are bugging people if you call them more than once or twice and they haven’t returned your call.

Truth: People are busy, often overwhelmed and self-centric (focusing on their biggest issues). They aren’t thinking about how much they don’t want to talk to you, chances are they aren’t even thinking about you. They are thinking about getting their families fed, keeping their bodies working well, keeping their businesses or jobs going, and trying to have some extra money, time, joy and peace.

It’s not their job to follow up with you, it’s your job to follow up with them!

The bottom line is, when we make decisions for other people before we have a genuine conversation with them, find out what they truly desire to change in their lives and inspire them to make the decision (for themselves) to get the support they need in making that change – we do them and ourselves a disservice.

We have NO idea what is truly going on for other people. We can’t know the real truth, all we can see is what they let us see.

As you think about people who you know you can help, I invite you to find out the truth straight from them. Stop yourself from making the (false) decision FOR your potential clients, and offer them the opportunity to make their own decision.

Your job isn’t to get them to say yes, it is to get them to make a decision.

Once they have made the decision, either way, it closes the energetic loop for both of you and you can both go down the same path working together or each on your separate journeys, knowing that a true decision was made.



Brian Stark, Vice President of Suzanne Evans Coaching 

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What Makes You Special?

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   December 10, 2015   |   No Comments

We are all unique, we are all special, but do we act that way when we are talking about our business?

What are you doing to differentiate yourself from the other people in your expertise or field? How do you stand out from the other coaches, speakers, practitioners, healers, counselors, and other business owners? Remember, in a field of grey, a splash of color really stands out!

So what are we talking about here, how do you stand out from the crowd? In traditional marketing terms it’s called a “USP” or “Unique Selling Proposition” – You can think of it as what makes YOU special.

As you begin to articulate what makes you special and what makes you different, several things begin to happen – you immediately stand out from the crowd, you are no longer in direct competition with ANY of the other people in your field, your confidence begins to grow and you begin to position yourself as an expert. 

Take out some paper and take some time to answer the following questions:

*What makes me (my product or my service) special?

*What do I do differently than anyone else in my field?

*What do I offer that no one else does?

*Why should someone work with me as opposed to anyone else?

*What are my unique strengths and gifts?

*What are the benefits I can promise (and deliver on)?

Once you have created a list of what makes you special, begin to cut it down. Put yourself in your potential client’s shoes and ask yourself what really stands out? What’s really special? Be a tough grader.


Once you have a solid list, begin using it to differentiate yourself as you are speaking to potential clients and in all your marketing materials.

Once you get clear about what makes you special and you start speaking in your client’s language amazing things happen… People see you can help them and they hire you.

So, here’s my advice, take the time to get clear about what makes you special!


Brian Stark, Vice President of Suzanne Evans Coaching 

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It’s The Little Things That Add Up

Published by Suzanne Evans   |   July 23, 2015   |   1 Comment

Sometimes we tend to think we need change in our life. Maybe something new and exciting. Something just seems missing. Well I think if we take the time to see the little things in our life we just might find it can “fix” a lot of our perceived problems.

I will share a personal story of how a small thing can make a big difference. Working as an Accountant almost my entire adult life I have learned that it takes a discipline of structure, processes and methods to be successful and efficient. My office is a very busy place. Many things are happening in my small boxy world. My work life consists of compartments of subjects, projects or just the routine never ending paperwork that a business generates. What small thing could make this situation better? You guessed it, a file cabinet. No seriously, a file cabinet…four drawer, black, locking file cabinet. I feel like a king. My world is more organized. All paperwork now has a home and is easily accessible. Would you believe I actually sleep better? Now some of you may think that is silly but that little, insignificant thing to most people has made a huge impact in my work days. Yup, you are thinking this guy is SIMPLE. That’s ok, I often describe myself as a simpleton. It is the small things that make a difference.

Diverse and Casual People and Togetherness Concept

I believe this is true for all of us. Look around your world, your daily routine. What would make a difference in your life, your day? Often it is something that doesn’t cost any money but just some thought and a little time. Many times the little thing have nothing to do with you being the recipient. Giving often brings us more joy than receiving anything. So now you are thinking….this guy has spent way too much time with his calculator. I am saying try it and see what impact you will have on others and yourself.

Here are some quick ideas to get you thinking….

  • Smile at people today….co-workers, neighbors, family members….see what happens.
  • Send a text of some encouraging words to someone that you don’t often speak too.
  • Buy a total stranger a coffee…it will be well worth the money as you inspire others to be generous.
  • Ask a co-worker how they are doing….AND actually listen to the answer.
  • Hold the door for someone entering a building and wish them a good day.
  • Hand a bottled water to a Policeman on a hot sunny day and say, “Thank You”

I could go on and on but I have a cabinet that is hungry for paperwork. Just putting the labels on the drawers makes me smile. By the way did you notice how I even turned the title into an Accounting term? Ah….it really is the little things.

Your friendly Common Accountant.



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