If you want to make a difference you can (RIGHT NOW ACTUALLY). All you need to know is where to start. I can help. It doesn’t have to be hard (honest truth). Just click on the video above and learn how you can start a movement, make money worth making, and become the change you want to see in the world.


What if everything you were told was true about life, work, and business was actually... not? Through my years as a business coach and marketing coach, I've learned that those rules are really a bunch of BS!

What rules?

  • “Work is meant to be hard.”
  • “You have to wait your turn and pay your dues.”
  • “You can’t make money doing something you love.”
  • “Earning money means struggle.”
  • “You’re just one person. You can’t make a difference.”
  • “You can only work and live this way.”

What would it mean if we saw things from another perspective?

What would happen if we had those same rules ... only backwards?

  • “Work is meant to be fun.”
  • “You don’t have to wait your turn. Screw paying your dues.”
  • “You can’t NOT make money doing something you love.”
  • “Earning money means NO struggle.”
  • “You’re just one person. That’s all it takes to make a difference.”
  • “You can only work and live ANY way you want to.”

What Would Life Be Like?

Business Coach Suzanne Evans Teaches How to Build a Business so that as a business owner you are empowered, have meaning, and unique, and make money.

In short, we’d have a wealthy life.

In this new way of thinking, all things are possible. Your dreams literally CAN come true.

But to have that, you’ll have to let go of what you “know.” You’ll have to let go of the BS. You’ll have to get curious.

And it all begins with one Action. One Motion.

What is it? How do you get to the place you truly want to be?
By DECIDING you want to be there.

From there, everything else is just details.

So bring your passion and get ready to make a difference.

Results will vary, and may not be typical for you.

Suzanne Evans - Start A Movement

Oh and...Yes, I'm opinionated.

Yes, I've got things to say. And my blog is where you can hear me say them.
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